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Calculate how many you can save in the future

Please fill in the following form with details of your current lamps:

How many classic lamps do you have actually?

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What electricity tariff do you pay?

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Please select the desired quality of the energy saving lamps.


Cheap energy-saving lamp = life cycle 6,000 hours


Normal quality = life cycle 8,000 hours


High quality = life cycle 15,000 hours

Incandescent lamps

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0,00 EUR


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Saving: 0,00 EUR

* average value for Germany

Calculation base

The calculation of the savings refers to the life span of the elective energy savings lamps. The acquisition of the energy savings lamps is not coincluded, nevertheless, is worthwhile already from single 9 watts of lamp - work it out!

Middle life span of a classical electric light bulb: 1,000 h

Possible energy savings by application of energy savings lamps: 80%


We have a wide range of products available from our shop. On the left navigation we have organised all of our products according to categories so that you can find the required lamps much quicker. If you are still unable to find a product, please call us on 07271 2867.

All of the prices quoted in the shop are gross prices and include statutory value added tax and do not include delivery costs.


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